Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012


         Studying English is not difficult as what people assume. A language can be easily learned by using an innovation and creativity method.  Sometimes, we usually find a person who speaks English very fluently without having English educational background and some of us think why they can.
          The answer of question above “why can they speak English fluently?” is easy. They can speak English well because they have motivated themselves to develop and broaden their English from themselves. Notice that one-we have to remember that English is a language. Language is not able to be got by studying a book of grammar or taking a reference from the internet etc, but it can be mastered by practicing it every day.
          English needs to be practiced. It is the first way to master English. Practice is the key to open our mind in order that we can explore the English widely without any intervention. There are four English competences that are usually studied in our curriculum such as; reading, speaking, listening and writing. Four of them are basically needed as our primary support to optimize our English skill. But, it is impossible to get all skills mentioned above because of limitation of our brains.
          The writer seems that English in this era has an important rule of any fields like science and technology, politic, economic and others. All need English as communication. So, it is important for us to know it as knowledge that can direct us to the globalization era.

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